Candle Gazing


Read the pdf below or the corresponding section in your book.

Candle Gazing Course.pdf

Overview and Homework


Do this candle gazing exercise once: Reflect on how it made you feel in your journal.

Optional: Get the Insight Timer app to create a 3-minute timer with a starting bell, a 1-minute interval bell, and a closing bell so you know when to start, when to close your eyes, when to cup your eyes, and when to finish.

Take It Deeper: Anoint the candle with an essential oil. You can also imagine a color around your body after the exercise, possibly associated with the color of the candle. 

Candle Gazing is so powerful because it gets you to focus your attention on one thing which is so much harder these days. This exercise helps with decision-making and strengthens your intuition. This is also great to do before sleep if you feel like your mind is racing.

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